Hourly Cleaning with products


✓   Hourly Cleaning with products


✓   All Cleaning Products must be taken with service by the trader.

✓   Each Kitchen Cleaning

1:0 Doors were cleaned.  1:1 Inside and outside of the refrigerator will be cleaned.  1:2 Clean the sink and taps, remove lime scale, and polish as needed.  1:3 Washing machine washed inside and out   1:4 Clean the insides of all cabinets and drawers.  1:5 Inside and outside of the microwave must be cleaned. 1:6 Dishwasher washed inside and out 1:7 All work surfaces should be cleaned and polished. 1:8 All skirting has to be dusted. 1:9 Floors to be vacuumed, swept, and mopped 1:10 External and internal cleaning of the oven to remove all built-up 1:11 Cleaning the tiles 1:12 All skirting has to be dusted. 1:13 Cleaning a light fixture 1:114 Bins should be cleaned on the inside and outside

✓   Each Bedrooms Cleaning

1:0 Cleaning windows and doors 1:1Vacuum under the bed and carpets thoroughly, then clean if necessary.1:2 Wipe down all furniture, including the interior and exterior of closets and wardrobes.1:3 Cleaning of light fixtures 1:4 skirting board cleaning 1:5 Mirror and picture cleaning

✓   Each Bathroom Cleaning

1:0 Bathroom tiles, shower screen, and floor must be cleaned. 1:1 Floors must be cleaned and shined. 1:2 Cleaning the bath 1:3 Cleaning windows and doors 1:4 Cleaning the toilet.1:5 Mirrors must be cleaned. 1:6 All skirting must be dusted and markings removed. Light fixtures must be cleaned. 1:7 Any cabinets or fixtures and fittings that need to be cleaned

✓   Each Lounge or Living room Cleaning

1:0 Cleaning windows and doors 1:1 Mirror and picture cleaning 1:2 Clean interior and outside cabinets 1:3 TV, DVD, and other electronic equipment cleaning 1:4 skirting board cleaning 1:5 Clean all of the furnishings. 1:5 Vacuum under sofas and chairs thoroughly, including lifting all 1:6 cushions and cleaning behind them, then mop if necessary.

✓   Stairs and a hallway Cleaning

1:0 Vacuuming the stairs and hallways, as well as mopping if necessary

1:1 Cleaning of light fixtures 1:2 Cleaning the skirting boards

✓   Laundry room Cleaning 

1:0 Dust window sills and shelves. 1:1 Sanitize and wipe down all surfaces, including your washer and dryer. 1:2 Vacuum and mop the floors. 1:3Wipe out and rinse the utility sink. 1:4 Empty the trash.