Drain Blockage

Bath Drain Blockage

Bath Drain Blockage

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Hand Basin Drain Blockage

Hand Basin Drain Blockage

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Shower Drain Blockage

Shower Drain Blockage

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Kitchen Sink Drain Blockage

Kitchen Sink Drain Blockage

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Toilet Drain Blockage

Toilet Drain Blockage

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Drain Blockage Service By iFixxer

Drain blockages or blocked drains can be the most common home maintenance issues unless you know what to do. They can cause lots of inconvenience to you and your family, and potentially some nasty damage to your property.

Moreover, this household nuisance can disrupt the smooth flow of water and wastewater in plumbing systems. It occurs due to a variety of factors such as foreign objects, grease buildup, tree roots, mineral deposits that can obstruct the water pipes. This obstruction can further lead to slow draining sinks, foul odours and in severe cases sewage backups. 

Therefore, proper replacement and maintenance that includes avoiding flushing non-dissolvable items down the drain and routine cleaning is crucial to prevent such blockages. However, when faced with a blocked drainage issue, professional plumbing services are often the ultimate solution to diagnose and resolve the drain problems which ensures that the plumbing system will operate efficiently and smoothly after diagnosing.

Signs that let you know that you have drainage issues in your kitchen or bath or shower or toilet

Signs that let you know your drain is blocked includes:

  • An unpleasant smell around the drain

  • Gurgling noises

  • Subsidence (Collapsing)

  • Any visible damage such as cracks, 

  • Localised dampness

  • Overflowing drains / Sewage coming up through drains

  • Kitchen sink, bath or shower won’t drain properly

Hence, if you notice any of the above-mentioned signs in your kitchen sink, bath or shower, then it’s the best time to call a professional drain unblocking and a drain clearance service provided by them. 

Adding to this, iFixxer - a leading UK platform, has plumbing tradespeople to help customers to fix their clogged or blocked drains across the UK. Once our plumbers find the exact problem that is causing your drain to get blocked, they will offer the best possible solution which will be effective and long-lasting. So, get in touch with us for a drain blockage service!

Cost of Drain Blocking Service 

Unblocking drain service in the UK can cost between £80 to £175, depending on the severity of blockage and methods used – drain rodding for minor issues or high-pressure jetting for stubborn impediments.

In comparison to the other drain-blocking companies, iFixxer provides affordable and cost-effective services inclusive of VAT.

What Can Be The Reasons for Blocked or Clogged Drainage?

We have already discussed the various signs that will let us know that there is a drain blockage, but how we will know the reason behind clogged drains. It is very useful to fully understand the cause of the blockage as it not only enables us to fix the problem but also prevents it from recurring in the future. 


Let’s understand the factors that contribute to the blocking of the drainage:

Foreign Objects: This is one of the most common causes of blocked drains is the presence of foreign objects and debris that get washed down the drain. This includes items such as food scraps, hair, soap residue and even non-flushable items like wet wipes, sanitary products or paper towels.

Grease and Fat Buildup: In kitchen drains, grease, fat, and cooking oils can accumulate over time. It solidifies and creates blockages in the pipes. This buildup can be challenging to remove and often requires plumbing tradespeople.

Tree Roots: Tree roots seek moisture and if they find their way into underground sewer or drainage pipes, they can infiltrate the pipes which in return causes blockages and even structural damage.

Mineral Deposits: In the areas where hard water exists, mineral deposits such as magnesium and calcium get deposited over time on the internal walls of pipes. It results in reducing the diameter of the pipes which leads to blockages.

Soap and Detergent Residue: Soap scum and detergent residue sometimes get accumulated in bathroom drains, shower and bathtub drains which leads to clogs.

Accumulation of Toilet Paper: Flushing of non-dissolvable items such as toilet paper and excessive use of it, can block the toilet drainage.

Damaged Pipes: Degradation of pipes can occur over time due to the wear and tear, corrosion or the shifting of the ground. In extreme conditions, pipes collapse or get damaged which can further cause blockages within the drainage.

Improper Installation: Incorrect installation of the plumbing fixtures or pipes can lead to poor drainage and blockages.

Incorrect Pipe Slope: Drain pipes are installed  slightly sloped just to ensure the effective flow of water from it.. If this slope is not made during the installation, therefore, it can result in water pooling and drain blockages.

Frozen Pipes: In extreme cold climates, frozen pipes can lead to drain blockages because of the ice that obstructs the effective flow of water.

Environmental Factors: Various environmental factors such as flooding, heavy rainfall and  debris that enters into the sewer system can cause blockage within the municipal sewer lines which  can further affect your home's drainage.

Inadequate Ventilation: It is immensely essential to have the proper ventilation in the plumbing system for the free flow of water. Blocked or inadequate ventilation can lead to slower drainage which can result in  potential blockages.

Preventive Measures To Avoid Drain Blockages in Future 

It is immensely crucial to practise good maintenance habits for the prevention of  blocked drainage. These includes:

  • Avoid flushing non-flushable  items down the toilet like toilet paper.

  • Using drain guards or covers.

  • Regular cleaning of drains to prevent the accumulation of debris.

Regular maintenance and promptly addressing minor clogs can help prevent costly repairs and significant drainage problems in the future. Adding to this, if you still experience persistent or severe drain blockages after following the above-mentioned good maintenance habits, then it's advisable to seek professional plumbing service. They will diagnose and resolve any drainage issues in your home. 

Services Provided By iFixxer

iFixxer provides varieties of services for unblocking drain in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet, these are:


  • Bath Drain Blockage

  • Hand Basin Drain Blockage

  • Shower Drain Blockage

  • Kitchen Sink Drain Blockage

  • Toilet Drain Blockage

Our plumbing  tradespeople can deal with drain unblocking and drain cleaning service effectively and efficiently.

Frequently Asked

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Grease and fat washed down the sink after cooking is undoubtedly the most common cause of blocked drains there is! This unfortunate habit is something many of us do and it is destroying the pipes and sewage systems under our homes. Like hair in the bathroom, grease and fat will build-up in the kitchen sink over time. These fatty substances are a very common cause of blocked drains and pipes and can be a nuisance to clear out.

Following are the measures that you can take to prevent drains from getting blocked: • Use a drain strainer • Avoid disposing of cooking grease in the kitchen sink • Run cold water while using the garbage disposal • Pour the boiling water down the kitchen drains • Never flush non-toilet paper products • Have a regular pipe inspections

Notice the signs that will let you know your drain is blocked that are: - An unpleasant smell around the drain - Gurgling noises - Subsidence - Any visible damage such as cracks, - Localised dampness - Overflowing drains / Sewage coming up through drains - Kitchen sink, bath or shower won’t drain properly

YES! You can use chemical drain cleaners to clear the blockage. However, they can cause a number of issues inside the pipes of your house and can cost you more money by making the problem worse in the longer run.

To unclog the drain by yourself, follow the simple steps: - Simply pour some hot water down your clogged drain - Then follow it up by adding some amount of baking soda first and then follow it with vinegar - Cover the drain with a plug if you have one and let it sit for 20-30 minutes - Then after waiting for half an hour add more hot water to clear the remaining clog.

The overall cost of unclogging a drain fully depends on the type of the blockage, for example, to clear a small blockage in a toilet or sink is normally priced around £50 to £70. However, a complex blockage occurring deep in your drains could end up costing you around £150 to £200.

Simple clogs only affect a particular drain or a toilet and can be cleared by using a plunger or a snake. On the other hand, if there is a blockage in the sewer line, then it becomes more difficult to locate and fix. To do this job, a professional plumber is required with a good level of experience.