Hand Basin

Basin and Pedestal Replacement

Basin and Pedestal Replacement

Make your bathroom more functional and stylish by replacing your old basin and pedestal with a new one.
Basin Wall Hung Replacement

Basin Wall Hung Replacement

Replace your old basin with a new wall-hung basin, for a sleek and modern look.
Basin with Floorstanding Vanity Replacement

Basin with Floorstanding Vanity Replacement

Replace your old basin and vanity with a new floor-standing vanity, for a stylish and functional upgrade.
Basin with Wall Hung Vanity Replacement

Basin with Wall Hung Vanity Replacement

Replace your old basin and wall-hung vanity with a new one, for a sleek and modern look that saves space.
Basin Mounted Mixer Replacement

Basin Mounted Mixer Replacement

Make your bathroom more luxurious with a basin mounted mixer upgrade.

Hand Basin Repair And Replacement Services By iFixxer

In today's modern world, hand basins have evolved far beyond mere utilitarian fixtures, becoming prominent elements in interior design that reflect a diverse array of aesthetic styles. From sleek and minimalist designs that seamlessly gets blended into contemporary bathrooms. The incorporation of a variety of materials such as glass, marble, concrete, and even natural stone into basin construction has led into a new era of customization, depending upon the unique preferences which are also visually captivating. 

Moreover, the aesthetically driven hand basin designs demonstrate the fusion of form and function in the modern design landscape, where everyday essentials have become expressions of personal style and sophistication.

Currently, the people in the UK are preferring the best material for handbasins are ceramics, solid surface and metal finishes. There are various types of bathroom washbasins as well that you can easily choose from such as Full Pedestal Basins, Semi, Pedestal Basins, Wall Hung Basins, Countertop Basins, Wash Stand Basins, Corner Basins, Semi Recessed Basins, Inset Basins and Cloakroom Basins.



Mending or renewal of a hand basin typically requires a basic understanding of plumbing and a good knowledge of some common tools. Therefore, it’s always advisable to hire a professional plumber or handyman to ensure the job is done correctly and in a safe manner in compliance with UK standards and regulations. 


Let’s understand the basic steps that not only every professional handyman should know but each customer should also have a brief knowledge about it.


  • Finding a Professional

It is always better to seek a qualified plumber within your area rather than repairing the handbasin yourself without any prior knowledge. The tradesmen are trained with the technical understanding and are certified with the plumbing skills required to repair the hand basin.

  • Assessing the Damage

The first and foremost requirement before beginning with anything, the handyman will assess the problem with the hand basin. There are common issues with the handbasin that involve clogs, drips, leaks and damage to the basin itself.

  • Repairing or Replacement

Based on the assessment, the service provider will advise you on whether it's best to repair the hand basin or replace it. Hrence, they will also provide you with a detailed plan of the work to be done.

  • Booking services

Contact Ifixxer to book for the repair or replacement services. A customer can schedule a convenient date  and time for the service, can cancel and reschedule the service again according to their preferences.

  • Need help placing an order? 

You can contact Ifixxer for suggestions on choosing the right handbasin for your bathroom or can choose any style and design of hand basin from the available options listed above. Varieties of washbasins are available in the market such as countertop basins, wall-mounted and pedestal each with its own design and installation requirements. 


Replacing a hand basin may be due to extensive damage, wear or tear or a desire for an upgrading of the aesthetic look of your bathroom. Therefore, it’s not a piece of cake to replace an old hand basin with a new one using some DIY skills and the necessary tools. We will suggest you hire an expert handyman for this task. 

Following are the guided step by step process of how a handyman will replace your old wash basin with respect to tap holes. If you already have wall-mounted taps, then the process is made much simpler for a skillful plumber, only having to disconnect and reconnect the waste pipe.

  • Turning Off the Water Supply

A handyman will shut-off the valves by turning them clockwise located beneath the sink. Doing this will turn off the water supply. 

  • Removing the Drain Pipes

A plumber will ask you for a bucket and a hand-towel to place them under the P-trap and drain pipes to catch any water. An expert will use some tools such as a pipe wrench to loosen and remove the nuts that connect the P-trap and drain pipes to the sink's tailpiece. 

A handyman will use an adjustable wrench to disconnect the supply lines of hot and cold water from the faucet and will keep a towel handy for some water to come out.

  • Removing the Old Basin for Replacement

A professional will remove any mounting screws or brackets, if the basin is secured to the wall or a vanity. They will carefully lift the old basin away and set it aside from the wall or vanity. 

  • Preparing and Installing the New Basin

Our trained professional will inspect the new hand basin to ensure it has the necessary holes for the faucet and handles. They will apply putty or silicone caulk to the underside of the faucet and handles, thus placing them in the holes of the basin.

After preparing the new basin, they will carefully position it in place, aligning it with existing mounting brackets on the wall or vanity and securing it using a screwdriver or wrench.

  • Connecting Water Supply Lines and Attaching the Drain Assembly

Our handyman will attach both the water supply lines to the faucet by using a plumber's tape to ensure a watertight seal and tighten the connections with an adjustable wrench.

If your new basin did not come with a drain assembly, a plumber will reuse the old one to the basin's drain hole.

  • Reconnect Drain Pipes and Turn On the Water

Tradesmen will reattach the P-trap and drain pipes to the sink's tailpiece by using a pipe wrench (a plumber’s tool) to secure the nuts and thus making sure that all the connections are snugged but not overtightened. Turning the water supply valves ON that are located beneath the sink. 

  • Testing the Faucet

Now, it is the time to test the faucet for its proper functioning. They will turn on the faucet to check for proper water flow and temperature control, any leaks around the water supply connections and drain assembly. 


Following services that Ifixxer offers to each customer:

  1. Basin and Pedestal Replacement
  2. Basin Wall Hung Replacement
  3. Basin with Floorstanding Vanity Replacement
  4. Basin with Wall Hung Vanity Replacement
  5. Basin Mounted Mixer Replacement

Get your Hand Basin transformed with professional sink replacement services in the UK !!


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