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Your gas and electric cookers or hob are the core appliances of your kitchen. These are the necessities for cooking dishes for a lavish meal for the family. In the heart of every home, the kitchenette stands as a sanctuary where culinary creativity takes its shape in the form of cooking variegated dishes and family bonds are forged over the shared meals. In this culinary haven, gas cookers and hobs play an indispensable role that transforming raw ingredients into delectable dishes that nourishes both body and soul. 

Using cookers whether it is a gas or electric over a certain period of time sometimes exhibits problems such as wear or tear that will impede your ability to cook food. However, this may necessitate replacement to ensure its seamless functionality. Therefore, due to this inconvenience, it will bring much discomfort to our daily lives.  

Replacing Cookers with Hob

When it is the time to replace your hob, perhaps your cooker is broken or just gets outdated, this includes replacing and installing a new hob. Moreover, there are a lot of choices to choose from, you can go with gas or electric hobs (which are further differentiated into traditional electric or induction hobs). 

It is very important to consider your kitchen cooking needs, safety of family members and what cookware pots and pans you have and if you are looking at replacing any, before making any decision on which hob is the best for you.

Certain important points that you need to keep in mind whilst thinking of replacing a gas or electric cooker with a hob.

- Cost of replacing and installing a new electric or gas hob ranges between £75 to £220.

- Under normal circumstances, it usually takes around 1 hour to fit, as hobs are often straightforward to install. Rest it depends upon its complexity, you may need to call a tradespeople or an electrician to replace a hob, because some hobs are not designed to be fitted above the appliances.

- Average life expectancy of an electric hob is 13 years which is slightly lower than gas cookers. Whereas, gas cookers have a lifespan of around 10-15 years. Its regular cleaning, maintenance, usage and replacement of faulty parts can enhance or reduce the lifespan of the cooker. Moreover, it also depends upon the type and model of cooker quality you are using.

Now, let’s ponder over some common problems that occur in a Gas Cooker and Hob. 

Common Problems 

- Gas Cooker and a Hob

Although they are becoming much less popular in British kitchens, still many people prefer to use gas cookers because not only are they cheaper to run but also the gas hobs provide great instantaneous heat control which makes it easy for some people to control the heat to cook their meal.

- If they are not regularly maintained, cleaned and serviced, plenty of things can go wrong with them. Let’s check some of the problems that most frequently occurs with gas cookers and gas ovens:

- The gas oven burner won’t ignite

The burners in most modern gas ovens automatically get ignited when you turn ON the oven. If this doesn’t happen, then it may be due to the following mentioned reasons:

- It may be due to a loose connection somewhere in the control module or a fault existing within the igniter itself. 

- If the burners won't light up, even by using a match, the reason may be it has got a blockage due to the accumulation of grease and debris in it or there may be a problem occurring in the gas line or gas supply. Hence, they are not receiving a gas supply for some reason - this same applies to the gas burners on a gas hob.

- The gas oven temperature fluctuates

If your gas oven is not cooking properly, then the temperature is experiencing a fluctuation or is failing to reach to the required temperature, then it could be due to:

- The temperature sensor or thermostat located inside the oven is not working properly or it may have moved from its place and is touching the oven wall, thus affecting its ability to measure the internal temperature accurately.

Therefore, if the thermostat is faulty, then it has to be replaced.

- Gas cooker door won’t close

It can be a serious problem because if the door is not closing correctly, this means that the oven is losing its heat which results in reducing its efficiency and increasing pressure on it to work harder. 

- The main cause is usually faulty door hinges or its springs. This can be rectified by replacing them completely. 

- A perished, worn or loose door seal could also be a cause of the door not fitting properly.

- Smoke issuing from gas oven

Not only will the smoke make the cooking food taste appalling, but it can impact on everyone’s breathing in the house as well as it can be a precursor to oven failure or even a fire.

Moving further, if you have owned a brand new oven, then a little smoke will be normal when it is first turned on. But on other times, smoking in the oven can simply mean that something is burning.

- Most likely it is either food remains that have been dropped in the oven

- A splattered grease that is being incinerated, and might even catch fire. 

The solution is to manually clean the oven thoroughly – preferably with natural cleaning agents rather than chemicals.

Electric Cooker and a Hob

No matter what type or model of an electric cooker you are using, the appliance will likely develop a fault at a certain point..

- No Power

If your cooker isn’t operating, nothing heating up or only the indicator lights are showing while switching it on, then

- Check the fuse-box. A fuse might have blown or the switch may have tripped for some reason.

Another reason can be, due to a digital timer that may be faulty or need resetting.

- If there is a power supply in your house, then instead of tampering with the power supply, it is better to call in an electrician to identify the problem and fix it.

- Oven Fails To Heat

You might have noticed, when you turn ON the cooker to heat it up, but the oven stays cold. This may be due to a faulty temperature sensor or thermostat, which needs replacing. 

Another cause could be a malfunctioning heating element, either at the top (the broil element), bottom (the bake element) or both which often can be caused because of corrosion in older ovens.. 

- Overheating

Overheating could be due to a faulty thermostat. If your food gets burnt repeatedly even though you have set your oven to the right temperature, then the oven thermostat or temperature sensor needs to be replaced immediately by a professional. Moreover, it is a very sensitive part in any cooker and they can overheat the oven to dangerous levels.

- Strange Noises

If your oven starts making odd noises like rattling or a high-pitched sound, then there is likely a problem with the oven fan or its motor. These unusual sounds originating from the oven during cooking could mean:

- Something is obstructing the fan

- The fan or its cover might have got loose 

- The fan motor has failed working. 

Have an expert check before the situation gets worse.

Whatever may be the case, it takes trained tradespeople to work safely and effectively on an electric oven.

Services Offered By iFixxer

Do you have a faulty hob or cooker? 

Well, iFixxer offers a range of replacement options to fix your oven appliances.

  • Gas Cookers Double Oven with Hob Replacement
  • Gas Cookers Single Oven with Hob Replacement
  • Electric Cookers Double Oven with Hob Replacement
  • Electric Cookers Single Oven with Hob Replacement

Our experts understand how troublesome this can be, and that’s why our electricians are available seven days a week.

We not only commit to restoring the functionality of the oven but also to elevate your cooking experience. Our services are tailored to meet your unique requirements, ensuring your kitchen remains the heart of your home.

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