Room skirting Replacement ( 10M TO 15M linear metre )

Room skirting Replacement ( 10M TO 15M linear metre )

Room skirting Replacement
Room Skirting Replacement By Ifixxer

Welcome to the world of room transformation, where even the subtle details make a significant impact. Room skirting replacement is more than a mere update—it's a chance to refresh and redefine the aesthetics of your living space. These unassuming features, lining the bottom edges of your walls, play a crucial role in tying together the visual appeal of any room.


Just imagine your room which is worn-out or outdated and installing a skirting in that space gives way to a fresh, clean canvas, which is your room. The replacement of room skirting becomes an opportunity to infuse a new touch of modernity, elegance or a hint of personal style into your home.

What is a skirting board?

Skirting is actually a board that runs between the interior wall and the floor along the border. These are used to cover the improper edges and scratches that got from furniture by giving your room a good finish.


Why do you think it is necessary to have it in our homes? 

Skirting boards play an important role in forming junctions between the construction materials and hiding of untidy joins. In addition to this, they also protect the bottom of the wall from usual wear and tear from foot traffic that is expected normally in our homes such as due to pets and children.

Adding to this, painting the skirting of the walls depends upon the taste of the people, for example, some people paint their skirting boards in different colours other than choosing the white. Ensure that i should match the colour of the walls or can be made contrast in a different way.

What Things Should I Consider While Fitting Skirting Boards?

It is true that many people prefer skirting boards so that they can frame their room nicely. So, let’s see what are the things to be considered while fitting the skirting boards:

It is common to paint skirting and the walls with a different colour to provide a contrast between the two which is a very contemporary design technique. Keeping in mind, you should always ensure that you should paint a skirting not only to suit your room but also to match skirting with the room style.

Skirting such as Edwardian skirting, Georgian skirting, Victorian or even contemporary skirting can match the skirting in old houses, where it is considered to be an important and prominent feature which usually appears larger and more intricate in design.

-   Moreover, instead of painting skirting in an old fashioned way it can be carved into many modern styles that suit carpet or polished wooden floorings.

Furthermore, an application of skirting can also be used to hide and properly position the mess of the wires and cables from gaming, TVs, computers and other audio equipment.

Consequently, skirting can be a great challenge to install and remove, but overall, it is an asset to a house that makes the room aesthetic by bringing variegated benefits along with it.

How Striking Boards Can Benefit Us? / Impact of Skirting Boards on Space Perception

Did you know that they can also increase the value of your property? 

Skirting boards are an essential component of any home and you can forge a unique and stylish look that will enhance the appearance of your home from the rest by choosing the right size, style and colour.

Let’s see how striking boards can impact our homes and make it more lively.

- Prevents The Bottom Wall From The Damage 

The first and foremost benefit is that skirting boards protects the bottom of the walls in a house from the following:

  • It safeguards the bottom of the wall from the knocks and scrapes of a hoover or vacuum
  • Protects from knocks and scrapes from the mop head
  • Saves from general wear and tear from foot traffic
  • Preserve the bottom of wall from the bumps from children's toys
  • Keep the bottom wall safe from the damage caused by pushchairs and bikes.

- Hiding The Gap Between The Plaster And The Floor

Another reason for installing the skirting boards at homes is because they cover the gap between plastered walls and the floor so as to prevent any moisture from the ground reaching the plasterboard. In addition to this, it gives a neat finish on the plaster.

- It Adds a Character To The Room

If you have got taller ceilings, then it is advisable to install larger skirting boards in your room whereas, shorter skirtings will be used for short ceilings which adds a character to the room and make it look more lively.

- No Ugly Wiring Will Be Visible

What do you think, the visible wiring installed alongside the walls looks nice?

- Although cables and wires are a requisite aspect of every household, no homeowner wants them to be visible. Though wiring is a required thing for the home's electricity, but it's not exactly beneficial for home décor, which is why individuals or homeowners strive to find the perfect coverage that is not only functional but nice-looking as well. Hence, the greatest number of homeowners choose skirting boards as the perfect solution for covering the home’s  ugly wiring.

- In addition to this, wiring is particularly vulnerable to moisture but skirting boards such as MDF models do not allow the water to come in contact with the sensitive nature of cables. Therefore, an application of implementing the boards makes wires and cables invisible and prevents moisture from damaging their condition. 

- In addition, homeowners will be less likely to tumble from the cables lying on the floor and get injured.

  • Excellent Durability

Another advantage of using skirting boards such as MDF and wooden baseboards is due to their incredible longevity, higher durability and no need of demanding maintenance. 


Addition to this, MDF models are especially convenient for homeowners who are coping with dampness in their homes. Such models have the capacity to obstruct water from damaging the material; therefore, it is probably the wisest solution for bathrooms and kitchens where moisture can’t be resisted.

  • Gap Coverage

Homeowners are often bothered by the gaps forged in their house between the walls and floorings which is usually caused by the bad floor installation. These do not only seem unattractive but also lead to various types of household damages such as arising of dampness and pests.

Nevertheless, striking boards not only cover these gaps and make them invisible but also halt the water from entering into the holes and affecting the plasterboard.

Additionally, by covering these gaps, you will no longer feel threatened by the occurrence of pests even using the tiniest holes to intrude in your property. As a result, you will also spend less time cleaning such tiny spaces that get prone to collecting plenty of dirt and dust in it.


iFixxer offers replacement of room skirting boards at homes:

- Room skirting Replacement ( 10M TO 15M linear metre )

Unveil the potential of your living spaces with the replacement of skirting boards at homes. Consequently, iFixxer takes pride in enhancing and redefining your home's aesthetic with our exquisite range of skirting boards such as Edwardian skirting, Georgian skirting, Victorian or even contemporary skirting from 10M to 15M linear metre.