Bath Leaking Repair Service

Bath Leaking Repair Service

Protect your home and your family from the dangers of water damage caused by bath leaks.
Shower Leaking Repair Service

Shower Leaking Repair Service

Specialists in repairing and maintaining leaking shower trays, providing reliable and effective solutions to keep your bathroom dry and safe.
Shower Door Leaking Repair Service

Shower Door Leaking Repair Service

Expert solutions for water leakage from shower doors. Reliable, prompt and affordable service for your peace of mind. book us today.
Kitchen Sink Leaking  Repair Service

Kitchen Sink Leaking Repair Service

Prompt and efficient repair for your leaking kitchen sink. Experienced plumbers providing quality service to ensure your satisfaction.
Water pipe Leaking Repair Service

Water pipe Leaking Repair Service

24/7 emergency plumbing service. Experienced plumbers delivering quick and effective solutions to fix your urgent plumbing needs.
Gas pipe Leaking Repair Service

Gas pipe Leaking Repair Service

Gas leak detection and repair. Trained professionals detecting and repairing gas leaks to ensure your safety and prevent potential hazards.
Any Pipe Fitting Leaking Repair Service

Any Pipe Fitting Leaking Repair Service

Pipe fitting repair and replacement service. Skilled plumbers repairing or replacing damaged pipes fitting to ensure proper water flow and prevent further damage.
Radiator Leaking Repair Service

Radiator Leaking Repair Service

Quick and reliable repair for your leaking radiator. Skilled technicians providing effective solutions to keep your home warm and comfortable.
Toilet Leaking Repair Service

Toilet Leaking Repair Service

Reliable and affordable toilet leaking repair service. We fix all types of toilet leaks quickly and efficiently.Book with us today
Toilet Cistern Leaking Repair Service

Toilet Cistern Leaking Repair Service

Expert repair for leaking toilet cisterns. Skilled plumbers providing quick and efficient solutions for a properly functioning toilet.
Toilet Douche Leaking Replacement

Toilet Douche Leaking Replacement

Toilet douche leaking? book with us for quick and affordable repair. We fix all types of toilet douche leaks.
Any Tap Leaking Repair Service

Any Tap Leaking Repair Service

Reliable and experienced tap leak repair service. We'll get your tap fixed quickly and affordably.
Service Valve Replacement

Service Valve Replacement

Efficient and reliable service valve replacement. Skilled technicians replacing your valve to ensure proper and safe operation of your plumbing system.
Lever Valve Replacement

Lever Valve Replacement

emergency lever valve replacement service. We're here to help when you need us most.
Gate Valve Replacement

Gate Valve Replacement

Expert gate valve replacement service. Professional plumbers providing reliable solutions for smooth water flow and control in your plumbing system.
Washing Machine or Dishwasher Service Valve  Replacement

Washing Machine or Dishwasher Service Valve Replacement

Efficient washing machine or dishwasher service valve replacement. Skilled plumbers providing quick solutions for proper water flow and functionality.
Shower Head Leaking Replacement  Service

Shower Head Leaking Replacement Service

Shower Head Leaking Replacement Service
Hand Basin Leaking Repair Service

Hand Basin Leaking Repair Service

Hand Basin Leaking Repair Service

Leaking Repair And Replacement Services By iFixxer

Everyone has seen leaking pipes in and around the home or the buildings, right?

Leaking pipes and dripping tap issues can really disrupt the peace and comfort of your home, thus, causing inconvenience and potential damage to the building structures due to the rising risk of mould growth which can be expensive to remove from the property and can be very harmful to your health. 

Therefore, it is immensely essential to address any leaking issues such as minor leaks in the kitchen or a major plumbing overhaul promptly and effectively, as this ensures the longevity and functionality of a household. Moreover, repairing and replacing leaks right away as you notice can avoid expensive damage and protect your investment.

If you suspect any leakage within your pipes, taps, radiators, valves, toilets, kitchen sinks, etc, then get in touch with the iFixxer. Our plumbing tradespeople help homeowners in maintaining the integrity of their properties and safeguarding them against any water-related problems.

Let's check what common questions people always prefer to ask. 

- Is it necessary to hire a professional to repair or replace leakages at your home?

Well YES!, if you notice leaking water anywhere in a pipe, tap, shower, kitchen sink, toilet, valve, handbasin or bath at your home, it is always advisable to call a plumber from iFixxer to deal with it as soon as possible. If it is delayed, it can create a potential damage to your property depending on the amount of time the leak has been running. 

You never know whether the leakage exists anywhere within the plumbing system, therefore, it is better to hire a plumber instead of applying your own DIY techniques on it. 

- What is the turnaround time for fixing the leakage through repair or replacement at your home?

Generally, repairing small leaks can be done within a few hours, thus, depending upon the complexity of the leakage. However, if you have a larger leaking area that needs repair or replacement by keeping several areas under attention, then it is very obvious that it may take a couple of days or more due to the safety considerations and necessary materials.

- Any estimate about the cost for fixing the leakage in the UK?

The average cost for a plumber to fix a leak in the UK is around £100-£150 even for mending the small leaks within the pipes. However, iFixxer provides repairs and replacements of leaks ranging from £49 to £190 including VAT from smaller to larger leaks.


- Is a water leak an emergency issue in the house?

You can easily notice some water leaks whereas others become only visible when a significant amount of damage has been done to the walls of your house, therefore, it is better to require assistance from a plumber as soon as possible. 

Moreover, whether it is a damp spot on the wall or the small leakage from the dripping tap or the drainpipe under the sink, it can lead to dangerous structural issues that could cost thousands of pounds to renovate such damages. Hence, to avoid this situation altogether, it is always best to have a professional check out your home for any potential leaks before they occur.

10 Root Causes for Occurring Leakages at Homes

It is very important for homeowners to understand what potential damage can be caused due to the occurrence of leaks at home. If these leaks are left undetected and unrepaired, it can result in the wastewater which as a result encourages the growth of unwanted moulds and smells in your home. 

However, if the occupants or the homeowners have no plumbing experience, then preventing this kind of damage isn’t always straightforward and easy for them. A big reason behind this is you cannot see most of the pipework done in your home as everything is undergrounded or covered, so you may not always know when and where a leak has begun to occur. 

However, leakage at homes can be caused due to the various factors, and it is very important to identify and address those root causes to prevent further damage. 

Let’s understand what are those common factors that  persuade leaks to occur at homes:

- Faulty Plumbing

Poorly installed plumbing pipes underground and fixtures at homes can develop cracks, loose connections and corrosion which further lead to leaks.

Higher Water Pressure

Excessively higher water pressure can put stress on your overall plumbing system which causes pipes to develop leaks over time.

Clogged Drains and Toilets

Blocked and clogged toilets and drains can cause backups which can further lead to leaks if the pressure builds up and damages the pipes.

- Freezing Temperatures

In colder climates, as the water inside them expands there are high chances of bursting of frozen pipes, thus, leading to leaks once the pipes get softened.

- Worn-Out Seals and Gaskets

Seals and gaskets in faucets, toilets, baths, kitchen, taps and other fixtures can deteriorate over time which allows water to escape through them.

- Roof Issues

Roof leaks are one of the common sources of water damage. Fully damaged or missing shingles, clogged gutters and deteriorated flashing allow water to infiltrate through your home.

- Cracks in the Foundation 

Cracks appearing at a home's foundation can allow water to seep into the basements or crawl spaces easily, thus, leading to interior leaks and this can damage your property severely..

- Appliance Malfunctions

Malfunctioning appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines can develop leaks if their hoses, valves and tanks fail.

- Poorly Maintained Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are designed to prevent accumulation of water within the basements of your home and homeowners have to ensure that they are properly maintaining it, but in case, if they are not, then sump pumps can fail and can cause leaks.

- Tree Roots

Tree roots can infiltrate into the underground pipes and can cause damage which further leads to leaks in your plumbing system.

- DIY Mistakes

Poorly executed DIY plumbing techniques at home can result in leaks if connections are not properly sealed or pipes get damaged during the process due to the reason unknown.

-Settling of the House

As the years pass, a house starts to settle gradually, thus, causing shifts in the foundation or walls. This can lead to the plumbing and structural leaks.

- External or Environmental Factors

Flooding, heavy rainfall, or natural disasters can overwhelm a home's drainage systems and can cause leaks.

- Aging Infrastructure

Aging plumbing and fixtures at homes are more prone to leaks as their materials and components used in it deteriorate over time.

What Problems Can Be Caused Due To Leakages at Homes?

Any small or large leakages within the house, if left undetected and untreated, these can cause myriad issues within a property. Let’s list some of the common issues that can be caused due to the leaks at home:

- Water Damage

This is the most obvious problem about leaks, as it can result in water damage to the walls, floors, ceilings and even to the personal belongings as well. This can even lead to the structural damage that will arise the need for costly repairs and replacements.

- Mold and Mildew

Excessive moisture arising from leaks can create an ideal environment for mold and mildew to grow. They thrive in humid temperatures, that is, if pipes are leaking in a warm area of the house, moulds can appear as quickly as within 24-48 hours. Therefore, they can be very harmful to one's health and require professional remediation.

- Structural Damage

Have you ever thought that leakages can damage the whole property? 

Well, over time, water leakages from the pipes or from the other areas within the house can compromise the structural integrity of a building, thus, potentially leading to expensive repairs of discoloration of walls and the ceilings or even safety hazards. 

- Increased Utility Bills

Leaks can cause a slow and steady increase within the water bills as they often go unnoticed.

- Reduced Water Pressure

Leakages can decrease the water pressure in the plumbing system at your premises, thus, this makes showers in the bathroom less satisfying and accomplishing daily tasks like dishwashing more arduous.

- Causing Damage to the Electrical Systems

Leaks can adversely cause damages to the electrical systems, which poses the need for expensive repairs and replacements within the home.

- Insect and Pest Infestations 

Damp environments created by the leaks within the walls and sides of the doors attract insects and pests such as termites and roaches which can damage your home within no time.

- Health Issues

Mold and mildew can exacerbate allergies, respiratory and other health problems within no time which can enhance numerous health related issues for the occupants or the homeowners.

- Reduced Property Value

If water leakages are left unaddressed, they can significantly reduce the value of your home and can generate various aesthetic issues such as stains, damaged wallpaper, peeling paint and drywall etc.

All in all, from the above-discussed problems, we got to know that leaks can cause a wide array of problems ranging from immediate issues like water damage to more insidious concerns like health problems and structural destructions. Therefore, it is very crucial to address leaks promptly whenever you notice to mitigate above-mentioned troubles and to maintain the integrity, aesthetics and value of your home.

9 Measures Taken to Prevent from Causing Leakage

Water leakages can lead to a cascade of problems which results in structural damage and numerous health hazards. Thus, it is crucial to maintain a leak-free home as a fundamental aspect of preserving its structural integrity and ensuring a safe, comfortable living environment. 

In this discussion, we will explore the various steps and precautions that homeowners can take to safeguard their residences against the threat of water leaks. By understanding these measures and taking accountable steps, you can minimise the risk of water-related mishaps and can protect the longevity and value of your home. 

Let's discuss them all:

  • Conduct inspections of your plumbing system at regular intervals to prevent leakages in and surrounding areas of your home. 
  • Always notice any signs of wear or tear, damage, corrosion in pipes, lever valve, gate valve, shower heads, kitchen sinks etc, promptly address it without causing any delay. 
  • Regularly clean and maintain appliances like washing machines, dishwashers and water heaters.
  • Always choose high-quality materials during repairs and installations by avoiding DIY mistakes. 
  • If your area is prone to flooding, then allow plumbers to install a sump pump at your home
  • Trim tree roots that could cause damage to your plumbing system. 
  • Inspect areas for the growth of moisture or mould
  • Install a water leak detection device at your home
  • Properly insulate the exposed pipes 
  • Adopt measures to prevent pipes from freezing
  • Thoroughly inspect your roof inside and out
  • Keeping your gutters clear of deposition of debris
  • Always ensure where the stopcock is located at your home 

What Leaking Repair And Replacement Services does iFixxer provide? 

Tradespeople at iFixxer can handle a wide range of plumbing repairs and replacements: 

  • Bath Leaking Repair Service
  • Shower Leaking Repair Service
  • Shower Door Leaking Repair Service
  • Kitchen Sink Leaking Repair Service
  • Water pipe Leaking Repair Service
  • Gas pipe Leaking Repair Service
  • Any Pipe Fitting Leaking Repair Service
  • Radiator Leaking Repair Service
  • Toilet Leaking Repair Service
  • Toilet Cistern Leaking Repair Service
  • Toilet Douche Leaking Replacement
  • Any Tap Leaking Repair Service
  • Service Valve Replacement
  • Lever Valve Replacement
  • Gate Valve Replacement
  • Washing Machine Service Valve Replacement
  • Dishwasher Service Valve Replacement
  • Shower Head Leaking Replacement Service
  • Hand Basin Leaking Repair Service


If you suspect you have a leakage anywhere at home such as in pipes, taps, kitchen sink, toilet, bathroom, etc then book an appointment with plumbers at iFixxer. They will detect a leakage and will fix it either by repairing or replacing the required parts that were causing the leakage.