Wired Thermostat New Installation

Wired Thermostat New Installation

Make your home more comfortable with a new, stylish wired thermostat.
Wired Thermostat Replacement

Wired Thermostat Replacement

Replace your old, outdated wired thermostat with a new, energy-efficient model that will save you money and make your home more comfortable.
Wireless Thermostat New Installation

Wireless Thermostat New Installation

Get a new, wireless thermostat installed in your home by a qualified technician and start saving energy today.
Wireless Thermostat Replacement

Wireless Thermostat Replacement

Upgrade your home's temperature control with our wireless thermostat replacement service. Enjoy modern technology and convenience.
Smart Thermostat New Installation

Smart Thermostat New Installation

Upgrade to a smart thermostat for smarter temperature control and energy savings. Trust our team for professional installation and service.
Smart Thermostat Replacement

Smart Thermostat Replacement

Upgrade your home's temperature control with our Smart Thermostat Replacement service. Save energy, money, and enjoy convenient remote access to your home's climate.

Thermostat Replacement By iFixxer

Thermostats play an important role in making people comfortable, maintaining warmth of the rooms and making their homes energy efficient during the winter season. These devices control the heating systems and ensure that indoor temperature remains warm and cosy while helping homeowners in managing their energy consumption and reducing utility costs.

In the United Kingdom, where the climate brings extreme chilly winters, the thermostat acts as an essential tool for regulating and controlling the heating systems. Moreover, whether it's a traditional thermostat, a programmable one or smart thermostat, they all serve the common purpose by helping residents in keeping their homes warm and cosy.

In other words, highlighting the importance of thermostats in maintaining a comfortable living environment on one side whilst managing energy consumption on the other side. Thermostatic devices not only help individuals to stay warm inside their houses during winters but also contribute in reducing the carbon footprints and energy costs, thus, making them an essential part of the homes in the UK.

People often get confused about when and why to replace the thermostat. Let's dive into them and discuss in detail

Some common questions people generally ask:

  • When is it required to replace a  thermostat?

Generally, the lifespan of modern home thermostats are around 10 years but they are usually replaced earlier than later due to a variety of innovations in sizes and designs arriving in the market. These days non-programmable thermostats have become outdated and are often replaced by programmable or smart thermostats.

Another reason for replacing an old thermostat are the germs that get deposited on its surface. Dirt deposited on it makes the thermostat use more energy than normal to maintain a comfortable temperature of your home. 

However, if you want to enhance the lifespan of your thermostat, then it is better to regularly clean its surface and the sides. 

  • Do you need to hire a professional to change a thermostat?

Trying changing the thermostat by yourself could mess up the whole wiring system or even run the risk of getting a shock. It's better to hire a professional, if you want to replace your thermostat or change its location. Plumbers at iFixxer are professionals and can frequently do this job for you. 

  • How long will it take to replace a thermostat?

Generally the installation of the thermostat takes about 1 hour and tradespeople at iFixxer can help you even program it if you prefer. However, its installation can also consume two to three hours or more, if there is a complex problem depending upon your model.

  • What is the cost to replace a thermostat in your home?

Some thermostats are simple enough to be installed whereas other thermostats have complex wiring systems. Hence, it is best to hire a plumbing tradespeople from iFixxer to install the thermostat at your home. iFixxer offers an affordable and cost-effective price is $178 including VAT which is much economical as compared to others. 

  • How often should the thermostat be serviced?

Servicing a thermostat includes checking it once or twice a year and making sure its contact points are clean and the battery is fully charged. Because most batteries last for several years, but sometimes they lose their charge.

Why Is It Required To Upgrade Thermostats?

Basically thermostats are a set of controls used for regulating the room temperature by controlling the heating system. Whether it is located on the wall or on the boiler, the control dial is important for setting the room temperature at your home. Thermostats come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

These days, various new smart thermostats show more accurate temperatures and last longer. This means that, the more consistent the temperature inside of your home is, the less you need to worry about watching your energy costs.

Moreover, energy-efficient thermostats are more precise at temperature controlling as they learn and understand your living habits. Therefore, your heating and cooling system won't have to work hard to lower your energy bills. In fact, you can save up to 10% to 15% on your energy bills every time by upgrading to a new and modern thermostat.

Traditional Thermostats Vs Programmable and Smart Thermostats

Traditional Thermostats: These thermostats have a temperature dial or slider which allows homeowners to adjust the desired room temperature manually. It operates using buttons to increase or decrease the temperature. 

Programmable Thermostats: It enables users or homeowners to set heating schedules in such a manner, which automatically lowers the indoor temperature when no one is at home or during the night when everyone is asleep and raises when needed.

Smart Thermostats: These thermostats are one of the most recent innovations that have gained popularity in the UK. They offer greater flexibility and convenience which can be controlled remotely through the usage of smartphones, thus, allowing homeowners to adjust its temperatures even when they are away or not at home. In addition to this, various smart thermostats are equipped with numerous advanced algorithms to learn user preferences and optimise performances of the heating system.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Thermostat

  • Lower Your Energy Bills

Energy bills have always been one of the most significant expenses in the home, therefore, it is no surprise that people are always looking for numerous ways to reduce them. Older thermostats are less accurate and are not energy-efficient. Hence, the heating and cooling system of the home works harder to maintain the temperature which leads to higher energy bills.

Nonetheless, modern thermostats are particularly more effective than traditional ones at saving energy and money. These thermostats are more precise at temperature control.

  • Automated Temperature Settings

A modern thermostat such as programmable or smart, can automatically adjust the temperature based on your schedule, which means that it will work on the basis of whether you are at home or not. For example, you can program it or set its timings by turning its heat down when you leave for work in the morning and turn it back on an hour before when you have to get home. Doing this, it will not be heating an empty house all day long.

In addition to this, as you have programmed your thermostat, it will work on the basis of the settings that you have done. 

Whereas, if you have turned on your traditional thermostat, it will set to a fixed temperature keeping your home warm all day long whether you are at home or not. This means that your heater or air conditioner will consistently run even when you do not need it.

  • Improved Energy Efficiency

Thermostats have to work harder when your home's temperature constantly changes to maintain the temperature you want. However, modern thermostats are not only comfortable, but they also lead to better efficiency. Thus, you can keep the temperature consistent at your home throughout the day.

  • Getting Maintenance Alerts

Another major boon of installing modern thermostat at your home is that they offer in-built safety features that ensure proper operation. Because these thermostats are programmed in such a way that they send alerts when it's the time for maintenance. 

In addition to this, these alerts can help you in avoiding expensive replacements by letting you know when it's the time to service your heating and cooling system. For example, you will get a maintenance alert when it's time for the replacement of your air filter or when cleaning of the ducts required.

  • Improved Connectivity

These days modern thermostats are programmable with in-built connectivity features like they were never before in traditional thermostats. For example, smart thermostats, as they can be easily connected to the home’s Wi-Fi network. In such a way, these thermostats allow owners to control them from anywhere using their connected phones. Therefore, most people appreciate the convenience that modern thermostats afford.


What Thermostat Replacement Services Does iFixxer provide?

iFixxer provides following types of thermostat replacement services: 

  • Wired Thermostat New Installation

  • Wired Thermostat Replacement

  • Wireless Thermostat New Installation

  • Wireless Thermostat Replacement

  • Smart Thermostat New Installation

  • Smart Thermostat Replacement

Signs You Need a New Thermostat

During winters, your thermostats go a long way to make you feel comfortable within your home temperature. If it gets too hot or too cold, it becomes extremely uncomfortable to stay there, thus leaving you unrelaxed. 

In simple words, your thermostat is the key to make sure your home stays at a comfortable temperature and if your thermostats are not functioning properly or gets outdated, it can get in the way of making your home an unpleasant place to live. Therefore, it is why you need to replace your thermostat the moment it becomes faulty.

Signs that will let you know when it is the time to replace your thermostat. Let’s dive into it.

  • Getting Higher Energy Bills 

If you are getting higher energy bills every month, this is a sign that your thermostat is having an issue and is not functioning properly. Therefore, it is time to replace your old thermostat with a new one.

  • Thermostat Is Old and Outdated

Along with all other electronic systems at your home, your thermostat also eventually becomes old and outdated. Older thermostats usually have an average life expectancy of about 10-years, but they are generally replaced earlier due to the latest innovations arriving in the market. These days, non-programmable or traditional thermostats have become outdated and are replaced by programmable thermostats also known as learning thermostats.

This is due to its innovative advanced technology that has more programming and energy-efficient features installed in it which makes you prepared for the winter and chilly season. 

If you are also in need of replacing your old thermostat, then contact iFixxer today! 

  • Analog Thermostat 

An analog thermostat allows you to turn a large dial or slide a lever to adjust the desired temperature for your home. Though such thermostats do offer a good basic service, but they have become older, which means that they may be close to or beyond its life expectancy and can malfunction due to its older age.

Whereas modern digital thermostats allow you to choose your desirable temperature more accurately. Due to correctly controlling the temperature, you can save more money on your energy bills. 

  • Non- Programmable Thermostat 

Non-programmable thermostats are old and outdated ones which do not include the features like energy-efficiency, programming or the pre-setting of the temperatures based on your schedules, wifi-enabled connections, etc.

Nonetheless, a programmable thermostat is an energy-efficient device which means that it can offer more savings than the traditional ones by expanding the way you choose your home’s temperature to be. With modern thermostats, you can program different temperatures based on your daily or weekly schedule without having the need for doing any manual adjustments in it. 

Furthermore, some modern programmable thermostats such as smart thermostats even have a Wi-Fi-enabled within them, so you can set temperatures while you are away from your home.

Problems with your Old Thermostats 

Problems with the thermostat arise when your device is not working well as it should be, this means that it is the time to replace your thermostat. Here are a list of the problems that will let you know about the condition of our thermostat:

  • Improper Turning ON/OFF of Thermostat

This can be due to the wiring located inside a thermostat which has been frayed and damaged. If your thermostat unexpectedly turns on or off without knowing, then it is the time for its replacement.

  • Incorrect Thermostat Reading

If your thermostat is showing incorrect temperature readings, you can check or verify using the indoor temperature that whether the temperature the thermostat is showing is correct or not. If it is incorrect, then it is the time for its replacement. 

Moreover, the sensors in your thermostat can malfunction due to its over usage, misuse, or manufacturing defects. Your thermostat’s temperature may fluctuate rapidly or show incorrect readings due to malfunctioning which shows a sign for its replacement.

  • Higher Energy Bills

If you find that you are paying more for the utilities, then your thermostat may be the cause for it. If a thermostat is not properly reading the temperature and it is cycling multiple times in an hour, this means that it is using more energy than it should be.

  • Temperature Constantly Changes

When your malfunctioning thermostat has a harder time in maintaining a setting and it quickly shifts the temperature settings with no warnings, then this is because of your thermostat. If this happens, then it is better to contact a plumbing tradespeople to assess your thermostat instead of using some DIY techniques all by yourself. In addition, replacing your old thermostat with the modern ones can help you in saving more money on your energy bills.

If the above-mentioned problems persistently exist, then it is probably the time to replace your old thermostat with the new and modern one.

Preventive Measures for Thermostats

  • To prevent your thermostat from getting malfunctioned, you can occasionally wipe or clean it using a soft brush. Also, you can use compressed air on your thermostat for its cleaning purpose. Moreover, for deeper cleaning, just remove the faceplate of the thermostat and gently wipe the dust out from the thermostat and its wiring.

  • Keeping the heating on constantly can reduce the lifespan of your thermostat. It is better to lower your thermostat up to 7-10 degrees for eight hours a day. Doing this can reduce your annual heating bills by 10 percent and can even prevent it from over-usage, thus, making it last long.

Frequently Asked

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Thermostat or you can call them a Room Thermostat that prevents your home from getting warmer at an optimum temperature. They turn the heating on automatically until the room reaches the particular temperature that you have set or programmed and then off until the temperature drops. If you notice your thermostat is creating problems or showing signs such as registering incorrect temperatures, then it is the time for its replacement. You can test and check your thermostat's reading by using a portable indoor thermometer and can verify whether the temperature is correct. This is due to the sensors installed within your thermostat that have malfunctioned due to its aging, getting misused, or may be due to any manufacturing defect that might have remained unnoticed.

Following are the signs that will let you know about when and why you need to replace your thermostat: • Getting Higher Energy Bills • Thermostat Is Old and Outdated • Analog Thermostat • Non- Programmable Thermostat • Improper Turning ON/OFF of Thermostat • Incorrect Thermostat Reading • Temperature Constantly Changes

Basically there are 3 different types of thermostat options: • Programmable: These thermostats allow you to program and set the temperatures to meet the demands throughout the day. • Mechanical: These thermostats have to be adjusted manually throughout the day and they come in various types and shapes. Few of them are specifically designed for heating, while others do both heating and cooling purposes. • Electric or Digital: Electrical thermostats are an improved version of the mechanical one. These have advanced features such as LCD set point and temperature display that allows to program and set the temperature according to our satisfaction. Such advanced features are installed within them that makes them more convenient and reliable for the households.

Electronic or digital thermostats are the most energy-efficient one that saves up to 20% of household energy. These thermostats provide a constant level of precision and comfort which occupants have felt. Moreover, the selected setpoint temperature of this device is generally lower than 2 degrees as compared to mechanical thermostats. Following are the different types and brands of electronic or energy-efficient thermostats, you can choose depending upon the needs and requirements of your home: • Nest Learning Thermostat • Ecobee Smart with Voice Control Thermostat • Google Nest Programmable Smart Wi-Fi • iDevices Thermostat • Nest Temperature Sensor • Emerson Single Stage 5-2 Day Programmable • LuxPro Thermostat • Aube Programmable Thermostat

The time and date are factory set so it will not be necessary to do this on site. Summer and wintertime changes are automatically handled by the unit. Following are the user instructions that every individual can use to program or to set a new thermostat: 1. Switch the slider to Time/Date. The hour symbols will flash, use + or – to adjust. 2. Press the Next button and the minute symbols will flash, use + or – to adjust. 3. Press the Next button and the day date will flash, use + or – to adjust the day. 4. Press the Next button and the month date will flash, use + or – to adjust the month. 5. Press the Next button and the year date will flash, use + or – to adjust the year. 6. Press the Next button and choose between 12hour or 24hour clock by using the + or – buttons. 7. Press the Next or Home button, or wait for 15 seconds to automatically confirm and return to Run mode.

Yes! Thermostats can be controlled remotely through wifi or via smartphones and also you can make any required changes in the settings such as changing the temperature using voice commands. Smart thermostat devices are fully compatible with any Alexa enabled systems.