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Zone Valve Replacement

Zone Valve Replacement

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Zone Valve 3 Port Mid-Position Replacement

Zone Valve 3 Port Mid-Position Replacement

Looking for Zone Valve 3 Port Mid-Position Replacement? Our expert service guarantees reliable and efficient heating. Book with us today for affordable solutions.

Zone Valve Replacement by iFixxer

In the homes of the UK, where central heating systems are frequently used in winters, zone valves are a prime component that are used in those heating infrastructures. They are used for heating and cooling the rooms and other areas of the house independently. Moreover, the properly functioning zone valves cannot be overstated, as they maintain a comfortable living environment for the homeowners while optimising energy consumption.

What actually is a zone valve? 

A zone valve is basically used to control or regulate the flow of water to a particular zone and is typically installed in the main water supply line which is controlled by a controller or timer. It can be used in various applications such as hydronic heating, geothermal, fan coils, etc.

In addition to this, it simply completes an electrical circuit that exists between the external heating controls system and the boiler. A zone valve is also used to separate different heating zones within a heating system. For example, underfloor heating or each floor or even each room could be easily controlled from one another in an independent manner.

Whether you are encountering issues with your heating system or planning to upgrade it to a more energy-efficient and modern solution for the heating system, it is very paramount to understand the importance of the zone valve in the heating system which is essential for maintaining a cosy and energy-efficient home.

However, zone valve replacement is a common procedure that is carried out in homes across the UK to ensure efficient and reliable heating systems and no problem should occur during chilly winters. Plumbing tradespeople at iFixxer - a UK leading platform provide zone valve and other replacement services at homes.

Customers often ask some random questions if they have a faulty zone valve at their home. Let’s check what are they:

- How to check if my zone valve is working or not?

It is very easy to check if your zone valve is working or not, just follow the following steps as mentioned. 

- Consider your central heating is not functioning properly, but you are left with plenty of hot water. Now, to check whether your zone valve is working, switch off the demand for your hot water by setting ‘Hot Water to OFF’.

- Now, we will create demand for central heating by turning up the thermostat and making sure the timer is set to 'On' or 'Continuous'. 

After completing the above steps, identify your zone valves, whether they will be close to the pump or in the airing cupboard. Furthermore, a two port zone valve will be on the left and the mid position valve will be on the right side.

- By following the step-by-step procedure, you can check whether your zone valves are working efficiently or not.

- What happens if a zone valve becomes faulty?

Faulty zone valves can cause significant issues if you don't address them promptly because they can decrease your boiler's efficiency and lifespan. Furthermore, you could find yourself uncomfortably hot or cold if your zoning system doesn't work correctly.

- Where is the zone valve located on a central heating system?

It is located on the right side after the boiler and the circulator which is the hot side or it may be located at the end of the zone circuit which is the cold side of the heating system. 

Generally, it is recommended to search the valve on the cold side which is at the of the zone circuit as that area is less damaging to the valve and improves its life-span.

- How much does it cost to replace a zone valve in the UK?

The replacement cost of the heating zone valve fully depends on the complexity of your fault whether it is simple or complicated. If you want affordable and cost-effective replacement of your zone valve, then book an appointment with the iFixxer as per your schedule.

After having a brief introduction, we will further share the signs of a faulty zone valve, some of the common reasons for a valve replacement and the role of professional service providers that ensures the longevity and effectiveness of these components.

4 Signs of a Faulty Boiler Zone Valve

Boiler zone valves have a tendency to handle higher temperatures that can cause the components to wear out over the passage of time. Faulty zone valves can cause significant issues if you don't address them promptly to repair or replace them as these faults can drop your boiler's working efficiency and lifespan. As a result, you could find yourself in an uncomfortably hot or cold environment if your zoning system doesn't work effectively.

Let’s discuss what are those 4 signs that indicates faults exists within your boiler zone valves:

No Heat

A proper working zone valve will open immediately as you turn on the zone thermostat which causes the pipes to heat up. Try turning on the thermostat and feel the surrounding lines to determine if the valve is working correctly.

If there is a broken or faulty boiler zone valve then a zone will not heat up at all. 

- Uneven Heating

You might notice sometimes the temperature inconsistencies that exist within the different zones of your home. When boiler zone valves experience issues they can become stuck or jam, in either the closed or in the open position. Furthermore, when a jammed valve opens, it allows the free flow of hot water regardless of your heating preferences. 

For example, when you activate the thermostat to make your bedroom warm, unexpectedly you notice that your heating system is also warming your kitchen or the bathroom.

- Leaking Valves

You might have noticed that your boiler zone valve sometimes leaks water; this is normally due to the weak connections between the pipe and the valve. These connections can be repaired by draining the pipe and resoldering the joints. However, sometimes it can be more challenging to repair the joint and it is better to replace the zone valve completely.

- Banging or Hammering

You will get to hear the loud banging or hammering sounds in zone valves due to the change in the pressure when you turn the thermostat ON or OFF. In this case, your heating system will still work but ignoring this fault can increase the risk of leaks. Nevertheless, if you switch to slow-close boiler zone valves, it can resolve the issue by preventing sudden change in the pressures.

Consequently, it is worth remembering that heating systems can cause faults anytime such as uneven heating or alarming noises. Therefore, it is always advisable to call a plumbing tradespeople to diagnose and replace your heating system unless you have adequate plumbing knowledge. 

10 Problems Can Cause The Need For Zone Valve Replacement?

As we have already discussed above, a zone valve regulates the consistent flow of hot water or steam to different areas or zones within a building that allows temperature control. However, if these valves become faulty or get outdated, it can result in various heating problems such as uneven temperature distribution and reducing energy efficiency.

This means that it is ultimately necessary to replace a zone valve due to the problems that can develop in the heating system over time. 

So, let’s talk over the faults that can make a zone valve behave badly? 

- Excessive Heating

Excessive heating occurs due to insufficient ventilation for heat loss. If you temporarily remove the cover, it can provide a short-term solution but it may eventually lead to motor failure. Therefore, it is utmost important to ensure the proper cross-ventilation for preventing the overheating issues in zone valves.

- Burnt Motor

Incorrect flow of voltage or current and frequent overheating can damage the electric motor. It is better to check the wiring, power supply and the main cause of the motor burnout before replacing the motor.

- Stuck when open/ or closed

Sometimes we have witnessed that a zone valve gets stuck in the open or closed position and fails to move. This can be the result of the deposition of the debris or sediment, can be due to any mechanical issue or a malfunctioning actuator. Hence, replacing the valve is the better option if it gets stuck.

- Noisy Operation

Faulty zone valves may produce excessive noise during its functioning due to its loose components, misalignment and worn-out bearings. It produces unusual sounds like grinding, clicking, buzzing that indicates a problem and the need to replace it.

- Electrical Issues

Electrical failures can normally occur in the wiring, control board or connections between the actuators and the heating control system, thus, preventing the proper communication and the functioning of the valve.

- Valve Failure

Over the passage of time, zone valves can fail due to the wear and tear and can result in getting stuck in the open or closed position, thus, preventing the proper heating controls of the valves.

- Inconsistent Temperature Control

If you find any difficulty in maintaining a consistent temperature around different areas of your home, this means that there is a faulty zone valve that is creating a heating problem.

- Old and Outdated Valves

You might have noticed the zone valves that are being used for a longer time period not only get outdated but also become less efficient and reliable over time. Therefore, the best option is to replace them completely with a modern zone valve that has advanced features such as being energy-efficient and has enhanced heating system performance.

- Zone Valve Motor Failure

Heating systems have a motor attached within them that controls the functioning of the valve such as its opening and closing which leads to an inability to control the flow of hot water to specific zones in the house. Hence, in such cases, zone valve motor replacement is the better option for the homeowners.

- Corrosion and Rust

Connections can weaken the valve's integrity due to the deposition of the corrosion or rust on the valve body and thus can lead to failure. 

No homeowner will prefer to have the corroded zone valve, right? 

Therefore, it is good if the occupant replaces the valve with a new one.

What Services Are Provided By iFixxer?

iFixxer is a UK’s leading and renowned platform that provides zone valve replacement services to each home. Following are the replacement solutions:  

• Zone Valve Replacement

• Zone Valve 3 Port Mid-Position Replacement

Summarizingly, when you encounter any of the above-mentioned problems in your zone valve, then it is immensely important to consult a professional heating technician or a plumber from a iFixxer promptly to assess the situation thoroughly for the zone valve replacement. 

The plumbing tradespeople will diagnose the issue and will recommend the appropriate solution like replacing one or more zone valves to restore the heating and control the temperature in your home.