Wood Loft ladder Replacement

Wood Loft ladder Replacement

Wood Loft ladder
Aluminium Loft ladder Replacement

Aluminium Loft ladder Replacement

Aluminium Loft ladder

Loft Ladder Replacement By Ifixxer

How will you decide which material for the loft ladder will be suitable for your home?

Well, loft ladders are an essential equipment for homeowners who want to enhance the usage of their loft area for storage purposes or using it as an additional living space. As the holiday season is approaching, therefore, many of us are eager to decorate our homes with festive lights, ornaments, etc and everyone stores their Christmas decorations and other belongings in their loft.

However, overtime, due to wear and tear or upgradation in the safety standards may necessitate the replacement of an existing loft ladder. The replacement process involves the replacing an existing loft ladder and installing a new one will provide a convenient and safe access to your loft or an attic space. 

Moreover, its installation involves much careful consideration of various factors such as:

  • The size and layout of the loft space 

  • Considering the latest safety regulations 

  • Specific requirements of the homeowner. 

  • Budget

In addition to this, there are variegated materials that are available in the market for loft ladders, but we will recommend you for Wooden/Timber and Aluminium Loft ladder for home usage.

So, which loft ladder have you been using out of both of them? Still confused? Let’s consider some general questions people normally ask that they are unclear about.

General Queries Asked by People

  • Which loft ladder is better, Wooden or Aluminium?

Whilst deciding on a loft ladder, there are a plethora of important things that need to be considered. 

For Wooden Loft Ladder:


  • It is long-lasting and a reliable choice.

  • For traditional and cosy homes a wooden loft ladder would be perfect that matches perfectly with the house theme

  • It is ideal for individuals who need a robust choice

  • It withstand heavy objects and is appropriate for daily use 

For Aluminium Loft Ladder:

  • These are more perfect for the homeowners who want a lightweight and safe ladder for simple and safe access to the loft. 

  • How much does it cost to fit a loft ladder in the UK?

Installation cost of the loft ladder ranges between £250-£300 covering both the materials and the price of labour used for the ladder installation.

  • How long does it take to install a loft ladder?

The average installation time is similar for both types of loft ladders. You can expect your tradesman to install a loft ladder at your home within around 2 - 3 hours approximately.

  • What is the average lifespan of the wooden and aluminium loft ladder?

For Wooden Ladder 

The average lifespan of a wooden/timber ladder ranges from a few years to ten years or more, thus depending upon its usage and the maintenance. Moreover, it is recommended to finish the varnish at least every six months and redone it annually to preserve the surface of the wood. 

Benefits of Using Loft Ladders

There are various benefits of using a Loft ladders at homes:

  • Loft ladders are more convenient to use for family members.

  • Safer to use because it provides more stability.

  • Encourage more loft use due to easy access to it, which means that you will get the most out of your loft.

  • Aesthetically pleasing loft ladders are much attractive to look at and can be styled to match your home decor.

Pros and Cons of Wooden and Aluminium Loft Ladders

Let's enlist their advantages and disadvantages to make clear whether wooden or aluminium loft ladders will be suitable for your home.

 Merits of a Wooden Loft Ladder

  • Wooden ladders are popular for being strong, robust and reliable. 

  • Timber ladders are much stronger as compared to aluminium, which means you can feel a lot safer while carrying up heavy loads to your attic.

  • Wooden ladders also come with an attached hatch to make it fit directly into the ceiling of your house. 

  • These ladders have extra strength and are sturdy and usually have wider and more comfortable steps, which gives extra protection and security, specifically for the children and elderly people.

  • Wood is also a durable material and is unlikely to crack even with daily use and by carrying heavy loads.

  • Wooden ladders instills a classic look that gets blended with modern interior design trends.


Demerits of a Wooden Loft Ladder

  • Though they are of solid and durable material, but are also bigger in size and heavier, making it harder to lift up and down.

  • They are more expensive than aluminium ladders. 

  • If you have a small loft space you will not be able to fit a wooden loft ladder in your ceiling because it usually comes with a loft hatch attached to them.

Advantages of an Aluminium Loft Ladder

  • Aluminium is a very lightweight material that makes it easier for individuals to operate their loft ladder with ease. 

  • Aluminium is an easy metal to work with, which means that aluminium ladders can also be styled to be folding, telescopic or sliding, being much more flexible. 

  • Aluminium ladders are cheaper than wood ladders. 

  • Some aluminium ladders are perfect options and more sustainable for commercial applications. 

  • It is resistant to corrosion, unlike other metals, and can withstand even in humid conditions.


Disadvantages of an Aluminium Loft Ladder

  • When climbing up and down from an aluminium loft ladder, it is more likely to make noise and feel a little less sturdy as compared to timber loft ladders. 

  • Aluminium ladders give off an industrial look, hence they are unattractive. 

  • They are less likely to blend in with your interior decor. 

Ensuring Which Ladder is Suitable for Your Home? 

Follow the following steps:

  • First and foremost, it is important to check your space and measure it to see whether a wooden or an aluminium ladder will be the best fit for your space. 

  • Things you need to consider while measuring the dimensions of your space such as:

  • floor to ceiling height

  • floor to floor height

  • loft opening dimensions

  • loft opening dimensions for ladders with a frame/ hatch supplied

  • vertical and horizontal clearance

  • swing clearance

  • landing space

  • Next step is to check for the materials that will be suitable for the loft ladders. 

If you are unclear or getting confused about choosing the ladder material for your space, then you can reach us at XXXXXXXX for enquiry, one of our carpenter traders will guide you considering the measurements taken. 

6 Tell-Tale Signs for the Replacement of a Loft Ladder

Following are the signs that will tell about the right time for the replacement of your loft ladder:

  • Rungs are too Far Apart: If rungs are too far apart, this can be dangerous especially for the children or short-heighted people who might not be able to reach them safely. 

  • Steps are too Small: If there are small steps on your loft ladder for your foot to fit over there, then you should probably replace it as soon as possible. 

  • Ladder is Wobbly: This is another major sign that indicates the need to buy a new loft ladder. A wobbly ladder can be extremely unsafe for the children.

  • Feeling bent while putting weight on it: If it seems as, the rungs of your ladder are straining or getting bent under your weight, they might break which could be very dangerous. Therefore, it is better to replace it.

  • Struggling to put it Up and Down: If you are struggling to lift a heavy loft ladder, then it can be cumbersome to lift it up or down which is another sign that you need to replace it. Hence, it is better to buy a lighter ladder which will be easier to lift it.

  • Ladder Got Rusted If your ladder is severely rusted, this means that your ladder structure has got weakened and it can be dangerous to climb on, therefore, you should replace your ladder before something worse happens.

Services Provided by iFixxer

iFixxer layouts the list of the ladder replacement services: 

  • Wood Loft ladder Replacement

  • Aluminium Loft ladder Replacement

iFixxer always recommends professional installation for loft ladder replacements to ensure its proper fitting and installation, complying with the latest safety standards, and catering with durable, and long-lasting maintenance solutions. 

If you are still confused in deciding which loft ladder will best suit your home, then reach our expert team by visiting , and one of our professional carpenters will bestow with advice. 

You can also visit our website to book an appointment for the loft ladder replacement and we will help you in replacing it that will be the perfect for your home.